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Journal 9-9-12-16

The emus are very tame. They are also incredibly dumb and think they are being sneaky. They found Kevin very interesting. The pigs in question are Ossabaw Island Hogs, which are a very rare farm breed. My friends are breeding them as part of the ongoing effort to preserve them on farms. They are incredibly […]

Travel Journal: Butter Museum & Kinsale

Still uploading my travel journals. According to the museum, some superstitions involved churning butter with the severed hand of a murderer. HOW AWESOME AND UNHYGIENIC IS THAT?! I filtered the Rose Abbey photo just to keep my brain from breaking. The colors are positively demented. Also, that oilcloth jacket is worth its weight in gold […]

Journal 8-27-16

Other weirdness–they wrote their insult on a print-out of an author website with my bibliography. On both sides of the paper. Because…uh…I guess they needed to fit in Jackalope Wives and a couple of Digger volumes on the back for…maximum…offensiveness…? For those of a curious bent, the crushing insult delivered with such care was “Your […]

Journal 8-9-16

Hound ate my white chocolate baguette and then had the nerve to act like she was starving. *grumble* But true love is ordering your wife a pizza remotely from across the country because you have the app and presets already installed and she is still moving through the stages of baguette grief. The travel app […]

Journal 8-7-16

Someday I hope to travel without a week of sickening dread that I will do something egregiously wrong in the process. I figure if I can just do it ENOUGH I will come to accept it as a grand adventure, instead of a labyrinth of half-understood public transit options punctuated by moments of breathtaking scenery. […]