Journal Pages

I know, I know…I already keep a blog, why a journal, too?

Well…it just sort of happened. I started doing weird little journal pages in preparation for a trip to Botswana, and it turned out to be addictive. Now I keep making them. It started as a garden journal, but rapidly morphed into a general-life-journal. You can even buy a collection, Book of the Wombat 2015 with last year’s journal pages and selected photos, in paperback and PDF form.

These pages are assembled in Photoshop. Sketches are done mostly on the iPad, using Procreate and Paper. I use a Wacom stylus. The photos are mostly taken with iPhone. The fonts are Little Bird, Sweet Home Oklahoma, and Rose Tattoo.

These are just a few of the pages I’ve done. Check the blog posts tagged “journal” for a more complete set, or visit my Tumblr at ursula-vernon where I am conscientious about uploading.

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