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    I dabble in a lot of stuff. Here we have…well…some of that stuff. Such as it is.

    Be warned! One of my weird interests is photos of bugs, spiders, and snakes! If these critters bother you, maybe check out another part of the website?

Journal Pages

I know, I know...I already keep a blog, why a journal, too? Well...it just sort of happened. I started doing weird little journal pages in preparation for a trip to Botswana, and it turned out to be addictive. Now I keep making them. It started as a garden journal, but rapidly morphed into a general-life-journal. […]

Bug & Wildlife Photos

One of my odder hobbies is trying to ID species of wildlife in my garden. I'm currently at more than 500 species identified, including nearly 300 moths, over a hundred various insects, and nearly 90 birds. Plus, of course, sometimes I just take photos of the scenery when I travel. Here's a few of the […]

Art Dolls

I've barely made enough of these to even justify having a page, but I'm proud of the weird little things I've done.

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