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I’ve missed doing journal pages like I used to, but I also haven’t had the patience to sit at my desk for hours making them. So I keep fiddling with things I can do on the tablet while laying around watching Midsomer Murders. The problem is that I can draw in Procreate but it’s got no text support, and there’s plenty of little programs that put text on photos, but very few where I can do layouts and whatnot. In theory Photoshop comes out next year as an app, but until then…

Anyway, this is done using Adobe Spark Post. Not at all like what I would like to do, but still kinda fun to fool with.

It’s very muggy here. That is all.

The problem with not posting constantly is that then I feel the urge to start every post with an apology for not posting, which makes me not post because guilt is only a motivator up to a point. So let’s not do that. If you follow me on Twitter (ursulav) or listen to one of the three podcasts, you know I’m not dead! And if you don’t, uh…Hi! I’m not dead!

Nothing much is going on here–I wish I had a new book to drop on you or something, but while there’s a lot in the works, nothing ready right this minute. Also it’s hot and obscenely muggy and the garden looks like Jurassic Park, only with chickens instead of velociraptors, but I’m told that velociraptors were only the size of turkeys anyway. The dew point is one degree below the ambient temperature and we are 99% humidity, so the windows are perpetually covered in condensation. In theory, fall is coming, but so is the heat death of the universe, and I will believe it when I see it.

Wherever you’re hailing from, I hope you’re doing well! I just felt like saying hi.

Also, in case you missed it, one of Kevin’s baby chicks has grown up to be a rooster, because sexing chicks is hard. Dottie is now Dotson, and he is a large, imperious, very handsome bird who still runs in terror from Strong Independent Chicken despite being significantly larger than she is.

The Wonder Engine

It’s out! It’s available! You can buy it! At last, the secret of what paladins wear beneath their armor!

That’s an Amazon link but there are also many other places it’s available, although if you get the iBooks or Kobo version, for another day or two, you will get The Notorious Stoat version, where, owing to stuff NOT UPDATING, the uncopyedited work that was a placeholder didn’t get pushed out in time, and there is a really spectacular typo right at the climax where Slate is suddenly a large group of weasels. (Also some other typos, but the Stoat one is the most impressive.)

And there was even fan-art, and people, I just cannot even. Go check out Heymurada’s work!

Awards Eligibility Thingy

Okay! As is the custom of my people, it is now time for the Stuff I Did In 2017 That You Can Nominate For Stuff if you’re part of the ecosystem that nominates stuff for stuff. (Mostly writing stuff.)


Clockwork Boys (as T. Kingfisher.) – self-published in association with Argyll Publications


The Dark Birds – Apex Magazine

Short Stories:

(as T. Kingfisher) – Uncanny Magazine
Sun, Moon, Dust – Uncanny Magazine
Origin Story – Apex Magazine (will be available online later this month, but was originally published in the Jackalope Wives anthology last year.)


The Hidden Almanac

Also, while I have no idea what awards are out there for this, Truffke/Luvelex who did the art for the illustrated Summer in Orcus that came out this year (yes, you will be able to buy print copies once the Kickstarter rewards are all mailed out) did an unbelievable job and I just want the universe to acknowledge the heck outta that.

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