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Ah. Yes. That.

My editor calls and I say, with much apologizing. “Did you get my e-mail? There’s a lot of art in this Dragonbreath—more than usual—and I might need an extension to November first.” EDITOR: But…wait…your deadline was November 1st. ME: It was? EDITOR: Yep. ME: …oh. Well, never mind then. EDITOR: You are the only person […]

Digger Omnibus Kickstarter is LIVE

Ladies and Gentlemen, marsupials of all descriptions–WE HAVE LIFT-OFF! THE DIGGER OMNIBUS KICKSTARTER IN ALL ITS OMNIBUSSYNESS! We got goals. We got stretch goals. We got art. We got—are you ready? Commemorative hand-forged pickaxes. (Also foam pickaxes.) We have video. WE HAVE A KICKSTARTER. (And I am terrified. Utterly terrified. I have never done anything […]

Self-Publishing and Webcomics, or “Haven’t We Been Here Before?”

Sometimes you sit with your fingers over the keyboard, and you KNOW somebody’s gonna get mad at you. Ideas are like potatoes. No matter how many ways you turn your idea around, looking for the best possible angle, it’s got lumps and somebody out there wanted cauliflower. I’m gonna talk about self-publishing for a bit. […]

Not My World

So I just got off the phone from a conference call with my agent and somebody else’s agent (you know their stuff) and we discussed the possibility of various options for Dragonbreath, none of which I am going to talk about now, and would ask that y’all refrain from speculation, since I can’t say anything, […]