Up and running!

Okay! In theory, the website is now working and should be pretty again!

…except for print sales. Sorry. Limited Editions are available through me, but we don’t yet have links for the third party sales. (In fairness, I dumped like 200 images on them. It will take them awhile to get them up!) So, uh….look around, tell me if you find any glaring errors, yell at me for too many quotes and testimonials oh god there’s too many people will think I’m egotistical I’m really sorry they gave me a quote button A BUTTON I am not made of stone, people!

Mail Delay

Hey, gang, a whole lot of travel in my immediate future, so any orders put in between the 9th and the 22th of June are going to be delayed until after the 24th, and owing to two cons back to back, orders placed between then and the end of June may be delayed by a week or more.

My apologies for the delay, but I will be in Alaska and not particularly able to get stuff sent out, and then I will be chained to a dealer’s table. Normal service shall resume—lord willing and the creek don’t rise—by the second week of July.

Site Update!

Hi gang, Kevin here. I know I don’t post here often (and, I admit, Ursula doesn’t often enough, but I digress…)

I’ve made an update to the site today, namely a new FAQ Page! It’s a lot prettier and easier to update, and I hope you like it.

Also, Ursula and I are preparing for DucKon 2011, where she will be Artist GoH, and our annual trip to Pittsburgh for AnthroCon! We are, as always, excited to hang out with friends and fans at both conventions, and hope to see you there.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Well, we’re having some hosting issues–i.e. “OH MY GOD, WHERE IS THAT BANDWIDTH GOING!?”–so while we’re open for business, we’re not doing the big re-launch until we migrate the site over to a new host.

Meanwhile, however, if you’re here, consider it like the week before the Grand Opening. You can still check out the art, order the art, poke the art, even buy the art, we’re just chucking more frogs into the server to handle the eventual crowds.

In the meantime, happy gardening Cthulhu says hi!