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I have been worse than usual…

…about reposting things over here. Dear me. Practically everything recently has been garden stuff! But uh…let’s see what else…   Hamster Princess is out! You can buy it! On Amazon! In bookstores! Wherever your heart desires! IT HAS SO MUCH GLITTER YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH GLITTER THIS THING HAS! I’ll be doing signings […]

Wistful Bohemian Beans

Okay, shameful confession time. I have a weird admiration for lifestyle blogging. You probably know the kind. Very elegant staged shots of end-table dioramas that will probably wind up in decorating magazines. Soft-focus shots of food and hygienically grungy flea market stalls. “Easy” recipes that require more ingredients than bread and Velveeta cheese.* Step-by-step instructions […]