Gardening Experiment Journal


Built a proof-of-concept today. I don’t even know what this is–a mini-chinampas-inspired tub concept? Or is this something everybody already knows about and I just can’t get the right search terms to spit it out? Or has everybody tried this already and failed and now we all know better except me?

Well, I had pond liner and a whiskey barrel planter and Azolla caroliniana and I’ve been making grow bags, so let’s see what happens.

3 thoughts on “Gardening Experiment Journal

  1. clew says:

    I’m not sure I have seen one of these, and I like sub-irrigated planters and look at people’s plans for them. If you keep a fish alive, it will be a tiny aquaponics garden. Even a frog? Do frogs eat mosquito larvae? Tadpoles? (I’ve lived in dry-summer places too long to remember!)

  2. Jesslin says:

    WHATEVER HAPPENED WITH THIS?!?!?! Seriously, did you try? did it work? Am I just missing posts on it? I’m so out of touch…

  3. RuTemple says:

    How is it growing, over the summer season, or however long you poked at it? It sounds intriguing, and I might like to follow your lead here in Northern California, a land of 12-months of Gardening. Curious gardeners are curious.

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