Journal 8-9-16


Hound ate my white chocolate baguette and then had the nerve to act like she was starving. *grumble* But true love is ordering your wife a pizza remotely from across the country because you have the app and presets already installed and she is still moving through the stages of baguette grief.

The travel app problem is that I feel like I forgot so much about Botswana because I couldn’t get it all down! So I’m looking for a kind of…photo-and-journal on the fly app that will let me get everything down in one place, even if I don’t have wi-fi. I’ll put pages like this together later, but I need something just to get stuff down and organize. My memory is dreadfully fallible.

Day One 2 looks like the best app so far, but I’m poking at a few others. We’ll see what’s actually easy to use.

…I am one of those tiny post-apocalyptic survivors huddled in a cave who do not have Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Journal 8-9-16

  1. Cori R says:

    Journey sounds like it would do everything you asked for.. I love this app when traveling as it will track weather and location when connected, coordinates if not, posts entries to various sites like Facebook and WordPress and provides a home for random photos I take of things that catch my eye while traveling. Plus it has an atlas using the entry photos as pins!

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