It’s January And The New Me Looks A Lot Like The Old Me

Honestly, I didn’t so much want a new me as to find the DLC for the old me that has the extra energy packs. I like me, but nobody warned me at character creation that life was basically an ammo conservation game with very few vending machines.

Some years I do indeed feel the rush of “It’s the next year! Let’s rock this!” and some years (like this one) I mostly just go…”Linear time. There’s a thing. It’s like next week, except I’m supposed to be excited.”

Maybe this is a function of age.

Anyway, my writing output is pretty down these last few weeks, barring podcasts. All I have been doing is putzing around with the Ren’Py game engine and finishing up the last of the 300+ hamster illos for the first two hamster princess books. And I downloaded the Zombies Run 5K trainer.

So far–I’ve done two episodes–the first was fun, the second rather dull. It gets another shot–I think they had to establish a baseline or something–and if it doesn’t get more engaging, I’m switching to the actual Zombies Run app, which is apparently a blast and has Margaret Atwood as a mad DJ or something.

(Although I must point out at this point that I do not run. There is no mere app that will cause me to do so. The only things that I will run for these days are connecting flights and maybe serial killers, and only if they have chainsaws.* There are sports bras that enable women of my topographic upper dimensions–or, as I prefer to be called, “F-class Destroyers”–to run, but they require specialty engineering. I have a sports bra that is slightly less specialized and I can speed walk, and that’s as good as we’re going to get. Also I get shin splints. The zombies will simply have to accept these limitations.)

And I made an image map in Ren’Py and I was super proud and it worked and everything and then I realized it was completely wrong for my game design, but still. I’M PROUD, DAMNIT.

Anyway, 2015, so far, so good, although I don’t really feel like it will start until tomorrow, when it will be A Real Work Day With Real Work On A Real Schedule, and then we’ll see how it goes.

*If it’s just a knife, I’ll take the hit.

2 thoughts on “It’s January And The New Me Looks A Lot Like The Old Me

  1. Kayjayoh says:

    I also do “Zombies, Walk Swiftly!” for similar reasons: asthma, shin splints, boobs. I was a distance runner in from 5th through 11th grade, and have come to realize that I don’t have the special masochism required to keep it up.

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