Seventh Bride Launch Day!


It’s that time again! A brand-new novel, fresh off the presses, and by presses I mean my poor abused editor and my extremely gracious band of proofreaders.

This is up on Amazon and Smashwords. Kobo, Nook, and iBooks links will trickle in as Draft2Digital updates them. As always, if you’d like to buy a PDF, e-mail me directly at ursulav (at) and we will make it happen!

You can check on the links and current statue here:

6 thoughts on “Seventh Bride Launch Day!

  1. Pippen says:

    I just want to say, that book was amazing. Not as good as Nine Goblins, but nothing is as good as Nine Goblins. Thanks for writing (and sharing with us) another wonderful book.

    • ursulav says:

      Thank you so much! Reviews like this definitely help the author, and if you’re okay with it, can I borrow a line or two for one of those interior quotes on the next book?

  2. Douglas Henke says:

    Lovely book. I finally had a chance to sit down and read, and devoured it in a single sitting.

    One question (the asking of which might get slightly spoilery for both the work in question and _Digger_, so if you haven’t read those, stop reading this):

    After Rhea gets hit in the head, the witch asks her if she’s seen the ghosts of birds, as she might be the Kingfisher Saint.

    Is that just a sly nod to your pen name? A lietmotif? Or is that mean to imply that Seventh Bride is set in the Digger-verse? (There are plenty of kingfishers, but I can recall exactly one in my entire literary experience that might be rightly described as ghostly.)

    • ursulav says:

      *laugh* It’s not exactly so strong as an implication that the Seventh Bride is set in the Diggerverse, but it IS a reference to the time that the world was saved by a hedgehog and the ghost of a bird, which both Ganesh and Reverend Mord of the Hidden Almanac mention.

      The fairy tale retellings mostly take place in the same world, an alternate Europe where the plague killed a great many more people somewhat earlier than in ours, though those details are parsed out very sparingly and it would be quite difficult to tell much about the world from the clues dropped so far!

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