Coming in November!


Coming in November, an honest-to-god novel! This is another fairy-tale retelling, best known to long-time blog readers as “The One With The Hedgehog.”

(Seriously considered calling it that, but it’s a pretty weird dark story, so I decided against it. Also, if I put the hedgehog on the cover, people would probably get entirely the wrong idea about cute little stories with woodland critters…)

2 thoughts on “Coming in November!

  1. RhianimatorLGP says:

    And it’s not even half past October yet. A whole month hasn’t seemed like ForEVer since I was a wee young’n. When I buy it, it’ll be like christmas. A good one, not the kind where I was miserable from feather pillow induced asthma attack for a week. My inner child is both bouncing with impatience and dancing with glee.

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