Artist Problems

“Yay! I have lots of originals! I have three cons coming up, but that’s fine because I have LOTS OF ORIGINALS! And this is a small con and some of them are expensive, so I will still have lots left over! I’ll just need to do some small quick stuff for the next one and it’ll be great!”

One con later…


The worst part about this is that you can’t even really complain (note that I am complaining anyway) because obviously your art sold and that’s a wonderful thing, it’s just that…um…was kinda counting on a couple of those to fill out panels at those later cons and now I have to scramble. My diamond shoes are too tight!

The only people who will be sympathetic are other artists and my mother. I accept this.

(A huge thanks to the generous buyers of BayCon. You are awesome and I am delighted so much art found good homes. I just hadn’t scheduled for quite…how…awesome…y’all would be…)

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