Smug Bird


I spent some recent time in New Orleans in a gallery that had a lot of work by the surrealist artist Daniel Merriam. I stared at it for a long time and thought “I wanna do…complicated…monochromatic…swirl


12 x 12 mixed media on board. They don’t make enough shades of sea-green colored pencils, let me tell you.

While I’m not displeased with how it turned out for a first attempt, I keep thinking it should be about eight feet tall and then I could pack all KINDS of weird little thingies into the margins. I should probably stifle this urge. But the color scheme, jarring as it is, does kinda work for me, and I bought more sea green and maybe I should do another one.

For sale, will wind up at Anthrocon if nobody makes me an offer first.

3 thoughts on “Smug Bird

  1. mjfgates says:

    Has that hill wandered in from a Dr. Seuss book, or is it just a giant tongue? Who builds a house on a giant tongue anyway? What kind of things do they grow in their garden? If you live in that house, do you have to avoid setting up a bird feeder for fear of attracting thrushes?

  2. Mean Waffle says:

    Of course the bird is smug. She’s got a wonderful, translucent jade gate for the approach to her house. When the sun is low enough, it glows.

    The hole in it is high enough to keep out any pesky non-birds, or it will be when the rest of the fence is built. It may take awhile to secure the funding for that. But if you had a choice between a complete fence and a truly satisfying jade gate, which would you choose?

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