So I was gonna go lay some stone on the walkway–having finished the patio, I decided to put in a stone walkway between the sidewalk and the patio so that Kevin can walk it in his slippers while taking the dogs out, and pick blueberries if he so desires.

I had a wheelbarrow full of the fairly small paving bricks in question, parked by the patio, for whenever the mood struck me.

Then it misted.

Then it froze.

My paving stones are now iced together. Some of them (the ones on the bottom, where the wheelbarrow collected about an inch of water) have fantastic ice shapes attached, others are merely glued together. I could break a few apart, but most of them might as well be mortared.

Well. Dang.

4 thoughts on “Well…dang.

  1. Tom Vinson says:

    Obviously the universe decided you needed a break. Or maybe the stones just want to teach you patience. You can learn a lot from stones:-)

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