Awards Eligible Stuff! Post! Thing!

Um! Apparently we are all doing a thing now where we mention what works from last year are eligible for awards, in case any of you are the people that are doing the nominating thing, because a year is a very long time and we forget what stuff was there.

This scares me and feels weird. I have won big awards! They were awesome! I do not need more to feel good about myself! But I will do this! Because we must speak up for ourselves or go unspoken for!

(Hold me, internet, I’m scared.)

The only things I know about are the Hugos and the Eisners. If you know about more, feel free to say something!

Digger, One Omnibus To Rule Them All, is eligible for the Eisner. (Generally only pros in that field vote on it, but hey, you never know.)

Nine Goblins, at 42K, is just a smideon too long to be eligible for Hugo Best Novella. It would be lumped into Best Novel. We all know that ain’t gonna happen, as Best Novel is THE hard-fought category, but what the hell, you asked.

For the Hugo Short Stories, believe it or not, you could nominate “The Sea-Witch Sets The Record Straight” and it would be eligible and everything. We live in a brave new world! (And even if you don’t want to nominate it, you could go read it for free and hopefully enjoy a few minutes of oddity.)

I think that’s everything. I mean, I could be a Best Fan Writer for this blog right here, but I don’t think I talk about genre stuff enough. It’s mostly dreams, freaky mushrooms, and the sorrow of owning a beagle.

Thank you for looking, do not feel obligated to nominate me for anything, but if you’re looking to fill out forms, that’s what I got.

ETA: So turns out Nine Goblins is close enough to probably get lumped into Novella at the committee’s discretion. If you’re nominating, Best Novella is usually mad underpopulated and Best Novel gets all the love, so totally worth a shot! (We need to bring the novella back, damnit!)

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