Well, damn.

The older I get, the more often I have the melancholy experience of finding someone who’s work I really admire, looking them up on the internet…and discovering that they have passed away.

Often quite recently. Had I just looked up Akira Blount’s work a few months earlier, I could have sent her a fan letter telling it was beautiful.


I’ve been wanting to try doing a doll with a lot of natural twigs—lord knows I’m sitting on the frickin’ strategic reserve of the things—and she did it really really well. When I was looking up examples, her stuff came up over and over (and rightly so!)

Ah, well. Someday somebody will undoubtedly be saying the same thing about me.

One thought on “Well, damn.

  1. dester'edra says:

    With all due respect, i kind of hope not; i prefer it when you’re all not dead ‘n stuff. I think kevin does, too.

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