I have been trying for three days to make Real Art. Art that was interesting and complex and which I could look at and go “I have made a Cool Thing and the world is better for it.”

After one questionable and one outright miserable failure that self-destructed, I have returned to my artistic roots.



Horrifyingly, I actually feel a little better now.

  • reply bpostow ,

    This made me smile, so the world IS better for it! hooray!

    Is that a battle spoon? or a hiking spoon? or is it just something shiny that the fairy picked up because it’s shiny?

    • reply Heather ,

      This is going into my “possible Ursula Vernon tattoos” folder

      • reply Wolf Lahti ,

        Let people praise Polar Court—that pic with the mouse climbing up the curb amongst those marvelously dappled leaves will always stand as a highlight for me in terms of Ursula Vernon Real Art.

        • reply Lissa ,

          …This is the perfect image for my life at the moment. See, I’m a fairy in Cendrillon (opera by Massanet; it’s French Cinderella) and originally the director wanted the singer fairies to be indistinguishable from the dancer fairies. Then 4/6 of the singer fairies did not know their music when they were supposed to.

          Director’s revenge: We are now the dim fairies, and we do a lot of clusterfucking while the dancer fairies laugh at us. Since I am one of the two who did the work, I find it kind of funny.

          And then you drew us. It’s perfect.

          • reply Lisa ,

            World totally improved.

            • reply larksilver ,

              It takes a great deal of skill to turn black lines into smiles and joy. If the purpose of art is to make us feel, that’s as real as it gets, lady.

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