Monthly Archives: June 2013

Ah. Yes. That.

My editor calls and I say, with much apologizing. “Did you get my e-mail? There’s a lot of art in this Dragonbreath—more than usual—and I might need an extension to November first.” EDITOR: But…wait…your deadline was November 1st. ME: It was? EDITOR: Yep. ME: …oh. Well, never mind then. EDITOR: You are the only person […]

Alaska! Whales! Reindeer Sausage Onna Bun!

So hey, Alaska is damn spectacular! (You probably knew that already.) We stopped in Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria, which is in British Columbia. There’s a lot I could talk about—fantastic people, some neat art, cruise food, etc. But I’ll stick with animals for now, because that’s what I’m good at. I spotted many, many awesome […]

Digger Omnibus Kickstarter is LIVE

Ladies and Gentlemen, marsupials of all descriptions–WE HAVE LIFT-OFF! THE DIGGER OMNIBUS KICKSTARTER IN ALL ITS OMNIBUSSYNESS! We got goals. We got stretch goals. We got art. We got—are you ready? Commemorative hand-forged pickaxes. (Also foam pickaxes.) We have video. WE HAVE A KICKSTARTER. (And I am terrified. Utterly terrified. I have never done anything […]

Caracara Saint

In other news, I spent Monday night playing D&D and working on this fellow. I have been wanting to paint a crested caracara since I saw one in Texas last year. There is something just absurdly elegant about them and their extravagant toupees. As always, my scanner gets a little irked on the blues–some of […]

The Fannish Misogyny Fairy

So it went down like this. SFWA announced that they’re putting a task force on fixing the Bulletin RIGHT NOW and that’s a good thing. We are hopeful! John Scalzi said, somewhat ruefully, on Twitter that this is what he gets for thinking that the last month of his tenure as SFWA president would be […]