Monthly Archives: September 2012


In the very, very VERY rare state of feeling the need to doodle without any particular thing I really need to doodle. (Of course, now I have to go draw Dragonbreath for awhile, so that’s the end of that.) In the meantime, have a doodle.

Allegory of Justice

Honestly, my greatest accomplishment today was rousting out a completely uncontrollable perennial sunflower that was flopping everywhere and generally being a very poor neighbor in the garden. Then there’s this… Some day, I will figure out that cut paper look that I want to do somehow. Probably. Mind you, once you start doing nonsensical allegorical […]

Back To Work

Well, it’s Thursday. My con crud is still working its way through my system, primarily in the form of a cough that makes me sound like John Keats. Here Lies One Whose Name Was Writ In Phlegm… And since there is no rest for the whimsical,* it’s back to the word mines for me. Working […]