Another take at the owl design, but this time I wanted to try something close to realism. And…honestly, it’s much easier. This may just be because of my particular background, I grant you, but there is a kind of ruthless perfectly demanded by extreme stylization, whereas if you realize something’s a trifle off center with a more realistic paint job, a bit of paint and some scumbling can fix it up.

Still, I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. I pushed the eyebrows much harder in this one, and they come out and down much more strongly than the last one.

This is a very large mask–it extends well out from the face and doesn’t flatten against it at all, which I think works here because, y’know, owls….but I’m going to have to try some smaller bird masks that conform more closely to the head. If I keep going like this, they’ll be the size of dinner plates and look vaguely like the kachina Tawa, and that would be silly.

I’ll probably put this one up on e-bay, so watch for links!

  • reply Nolly ,

    It’s gorgeous!

    • reply Al the K ,

      Wow! Your birding training has not been for nought. We can hardly wait for the costume to go with it, so you can hang out in the backyard and scare mice.

      • reply Escher ,

        Oh my gosh, that’s beautiful! Even if it’s not really fitted to a face, that would be great as just wall art!

        • reply Al the K ,

          And now, maybe something out of your painted bestiary brought to 3-D? I think we’re all waiting for the next leap into your style of coloring those critters, too.

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