He was in a hair band in the Eighties.

Red ink, black paint, and a combination of Quinacridone gold and Van Dyke Brown for the cere. (Thanks again, Dragonlaady!) Whatever material is dying the brads stains the red leather immediately around it, but I actually don’t mind that at all, given my love for rust and mottling.

I’m actually pretty pleased with how this one came out. I’m tempted to make a follow-up with a second frill, possibly with some long swoopy bits, and definitely with a separated beak. (Although I might have to wait on some stiffer leather for the swoopies.) But I also just got in a roll of really really lightweight leather—3.5 oz—and I wanna fool with that a bit—possibly layered over the heavier split leather.

It’s got an elastic strap in back, which is currently holding it on our lovely model, a taxidermy form for a bobcat. (Let’s give the bobcat head a big hand! It’s her first modelling gig on the internet!)

  • reply Corvus ,

    I’ve wanted to learn to make leather masks for ages. It’s great fun to learn vicariously through you. I quite like the effect of the brads on this one.

    • reply Sixwing ,

      This is so cool!

      I look forward to your further experiments.

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