Monthly Archives: January 2011


Today we were iced in, but I was really productive anyway! I did 3 miles on the exercise bike and matted prints for the upcoming MarsCon. We cleaned out the pantry and got rid of all the old beans and boxes of Bisquick that expired in ’05, giving us a shelf that could be used […]


Let’s all give a big embarassing sing-at-the-restaurant* cheer for my beloved Kevin, who is forty today and thus has finally entered his prime! I would take him to birthday sushi, but the roads look like a glazed donut at the moment, so p’raps a rain check…. *I would never REALLY do this to any one […]

On the importance of stabbing your readers in the brain

*sigh* There’s nothing like the first week of the new year for self-improvement, which is why Target promptly hustles their Christmas stuff to the Clearance Ghetto and fills in the “seasonal” space with organizational stuff and books on how to lose weight by buying diet books. I generally don’t read inspirational blogs. And by “generally […]

White Bear

Another piece done more or less simultaneously with the white cat. (I cannot get away from this weird obsession with that particular shape, which means all these voluptuous animal women seen from the back, and I don’t know why I keep painting it, but it keeps wanting to be painted, somehow. I don’t know, I’m […]