Someone explain to me why I haven’t taken up knitting yet?

I like socks. I like scarves. I have been known to wear shawls. Why am I not knitting?

Is it because I know that way lies madness and yarn?

  • reply Jen ,

    Speaking as someone who has three big honking 53-gallon totes full of yarn currently serving as a bedside table of sorts… yes, that way lies madness and yarn. Beware.

    • reply AngryOldHag ,

      Yes, that way lies madness. And things like a knitted womb. And curiously shaped chapstick holders. You’ll love it 😉

      *returns to lurkdom*

      • reply delighted ,

        • reply woollythinker ,

          Oh please join us. Please! It’s the best sort of madness, truly it is. (Also, reply to this comment by email with your address, and I’ll send you a little something by way of a taste test. Rosewood needles are the only way to learn.)

          • reply troubleagain ,

            Madness and yarn. Yes. Exactly. I crochet, and my yarn stash has taken over my *entire* spare bedroom.

            • reply jen ,

              • reply Ariadia ,

                Yes, yes it is because that way lies madness. The way of the sticks and string compels you!

                …and then comes spinning, because knitting is no longer weird enough.

                • reply Cara ,

                  Madness? You have no idea. I started knitting and now my house is overrun with yarn on the hoof – Angora rabbits! I rarely manage to knit much now, I’m so badly weakened by cute overload. (Actually, it’s the rabbit obsession that introduced me to your work yesterday.) If this warning isn’t enough to dissuade you from the thought of knitting, is the online mecca of all things knit.

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