Monthly Archives: September 2010


Scribbly scribbly scribbly… A weird monochromatic figure. I’m not sure what it is–an outgrowth of the masked figures I’m drawing–but once I doodled it, I had to do a painting. I cannot help but feel that this is the sort of thing that appears silently in the woods or on the moors or something, and […]

Two Small Things

I am continuing to wait on edits on book five–Ghostbreath–and I can’t even start the art because the workflow’s getting sorted out for the new color stuff–but they could come back for stuff to be done AT ANY MOMENT, so I am unable to embark on any major projects, and anyway I am feeling jittery […]

Divorce Memoirs

“Would you look at that?” said my grandmother, once upon a time. “Says here that more couples get divorced than get married.” She and her boyfriend/chief worshiper were sitting around the kitchen table, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, a ritual they conducted every morning. Being eight, I did not question the statistical difficulties with […]

Small Odd Things

Crowns are one of those symbols I hardly ever use, and I couldn’t really tell you why. I think the polar bear in Polar Court had a tiara, but that’s the only one I can think of off-hand. They may just be too Fraught With Symbolism for my taste. I prefer eggs to roses. Nobody’s […]