Monthly Archives: August 2010

And another thing…

I tripped over the sketch for this one in an old sketchbook, and had a sudden desire to paint it, even in a quick little watercolor form. (Okay, actually I just had a desire to paint SOMETHING and this was the first thing that caught my eye. And damnit, I never have done enough with […]

Herd Shrine

Herd shrines were common throughout the Toymark, although they were highly variable in both form and iconography. There are fads in religion as in anything else, so ponies were more common in some regions, while in others the shrines involved almost exclusively model horses. Shrines involved stuffed animals were significantly rarer, and are known from […]

Hot damn!

PatchTogether is re-releasing the Biting Pear again, this time as a plush! Pre-orders will start next week–it’ll be a foot tall and will hopefully cost around $15. We’re also in some exciting discussions about future pear products, so keep an eye out!

Our Lady of Grackles

I wish I knew more about Our Lady of Grackles. She’s one of the important divinities of Gearworld, and like the Monks of Perdition, I think she sends the occasional tendril into the worlds that Gearworld runs under like an access corridor.  (That’s always been one of my thoughst about Gearworld–that if you opened the […]