And another thing…

mixed media, 5 x 6

I tripped over the sketch for this one in an old sketchbook, and had a sudden desire to paint it, even in a quick little watercolor form. (Okay, actually I just had a desire to paint SOMETHING and this was the first thing that caught my eye. And damnit, I never have done enough with the Little Creature.)

I myself have never been entirely sure that I like oolong tea, but I’m not entirely sure that I dislike it, either.

Original for sale, prints available.

3 thoughts on “And another thing…

  1. Talima says:

    I don’t suppose the Little Creature stories and pictures could find their way into one of your short story books? I know I’ve read at least 2 before (dream deer, and redcap), but I can’t find them anymore.
    If you haven’t considered sharing them in print (or ebook), please do? Thank you.

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