Monthly Archives: July 2010

Steampunk Rooster

Lord Stanley Feathergoiter, of the Cluckworth Feathergoiters, came back from India a changed rooster. Certainly he had made his fortune, and was now quite indolently rich, certainly the hens found his world-weary air to be irresistible, but he was also plagued by dreadful nightmares of the torments suffered at the claws of a cult of […]

Loris in Wonderland

“We’re all mad here,” said the cat. “I’m mad. You’re mad.” The loris thought that the cat should probably speak for itself, but was too polite to say so. There was an awkward silence. “And it’s no use saying you don’t want to go among mad people!” said the Cheshire cat, its voice rising hysterically. […]


Having been playing around with painting on book pages, Kevin offered me a stack of water-damaged Shonen Jump from the garage. He had about eight boxes, and I’ll probably end up using most of them as the bottom layer of a sheet-mulched garden bed* but they’re an entertaining surface to doodle on, even if I […]

God help me, I’m a snob

I can go into any drugstore in the known world and buy condoms, athlete’s foot creme, Vagisil and tampons, and feel not a jot of shame. If they sold horse lube and bananas, I could buy those in concert and not worry that anyone was judging me (although I would certainly make note of such […]