Bock, madam.

Lord Stanley Feathergoiter, of the Cluckworth Feathergoiters, came back from India a changed rooster. Certainly he had made his fortune, and was now quite indolently rich, certainly the hens found his world-weary air to be irresistible, but he was also plagued by dreadful nightmares of the torments suffered at the claws of a cult of Thuggee peacocks, and was now shamefully addicted to a bizarre drug, assembled secretly from unknown and unwholesome herbs herbs, known only as…”the sauce.”

This painting started as a painting of a steampunk girl and her chicken. After far too much painting, I realized that she wasn’t going anywhere, and restarted the whole thing because the chicken was clearly the main event.

Prints available, as always.

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    • reply Sarah ,

      That has to be one of the coolest things i have ever seen… I breed chooks! This guy is awsome. Well done!

      • reply Orion ,

        Is his name Artemis Fowl? Yuck yuck yuck …

        I think I can die happy now.

        • reply Intheologus ,

          Presumably the ‘sauce’ is made with secret herbs and spices by an old southern man from Kentucky.

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