Having been playing around with painting on book pages, Kevin offered me a stack of water-damaged Shonen Jump from the garage. He had about eight boxes, and I’ll probably end up using most of them as the bottom layer of a sheet-mulched garden bed* but they’re an entertaining surface to doodle on, even if I have nothing more exciting to doodle than Ben’s butt.

6 x 6, mixed media. For sale, if anybody really needs a pink cat butt on an advertisement for more Shonen Jump. Drop a line...

*Ganesh only knows what evil will grow from such a base…

  • reply Heather Freeman ,

    I adore it!

    How much?

    • reply Wark ,

      I don’t know what this says about me, but my first question was, of all things, “why did Kevin have a stack of water-damaged Shounen Jump lying around in the garage?”

      Awesome use of it, though.

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