The great blog migration commences!

Hi, guys!

If you’re here–probably from Red Wombat, maybe from LJ–you’ve caught me in the middle of migrating my blog. It’s taking awhile–there’s what, eight years worth?–and at the moment there’s nothing much to look at, except the snazzy header with everybody’s favorite squash god.

However, check back and hopefully we’ll have more to look at.

In the meantime, look at the pear. Happy, happy pear.

I know you only love me for the pear.
I know you only love me for the pear.
  • reply Jessi ,

    Nothing says Welcome to the Ursula-verse like a big smiling pear! 😀

    • reply Clifford ,

      That pear is just awesome! Can’t wait to see the new site.

      • reply Anonymous ,

        “I know you only love me for the pear”
        is that a joke or a depressive statement?
        either way…
        People love you for your great imagination and wicked (in a good way) sense of humor, which are parts of your unique personality.
        Not only for the pear ;D

        Greets from Russia!

        • reply Cheri ,

          “I know you only love me for the pear”

          LIES. I’ve been following your work long before your weird fruit stage!
          I think the first work I saw of yours was Garbage Dragon way back when it was a Mod’s Choice on Elfwood…

          • reply TapiocaRat ,

            And you know, I’ve been looking at and admiring the Biting Pear for years, and I never noticed the giraffes.
            (And we started loving you for Irrational Fears. Gotta see more of that Chupacabra. Hey hey.)

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