Monthly Archives: March 2010

Today feels like spring. There have been signs that we might finally be out of winter, which has been hanging around throwing snow and yelling "GOTCHA!" a lot this year.  Some are good, some are…well, not so good. On the good side, the male mourning cloak butterfly is flying his serious little patrol around the house. […]

Here’s another thing they don’t ever warn you about…. I got a very nice note from a library asking if I would be interested in coming to Minnesota to do a program for teens, since I was the illustrator on the summer reading program posters. "What kind of programs can you do, and what are your […]

Blargh. Blargh, I say! The recent dust-up over LJ slithering nasty code into each outbound page, while apparently being retracted, is another thing that makes me wonder if I need to find some kind of alternative blog hosting. (I mean, someday I probably will…) And I don’t really want to do. LJ has a huge community, […]

There is a pileated woodpecker busily excavating a hole in a tree outside. (The tree is missing a top and has no pine needles, a fact which I only noticed today–the front yard is a pretty heavily wooded area.) He’s really quite fast–the hole has gotten nearly as big as his head, and there wasn’t […]