Blargh. Blargh, I say!

The recent dust-up over LJ slithering nasty code into each outbound page, while apparently being retracted, is another thing that makes me wonder if I need to find some kind of alternative blog hosting. (I mean, someday I probably will…)

And I don’t really want to do. LJ has a huge community, and everybody knows where to find the blog, and so on and so forth. And as webcomics people know, if you change your name or move your URL, you lose a fair chunk of readers.

So even if I did make a move to a wordpress blog (shiny visual layouts for dummies do appeal to me…) or Dreamwidth, I’d still be doing one of those "crosspost" things so as not to lose everybody, since–well, saying things like "I value all of you here on LJ" sounds idiotic, but seriously, I’ve met what feels like half the world and I love having you guys on the other side of the screen. So I wouldn’t want to do something that involved losing you, the readers, who are a vital part of my life (to say nothing of my success!)

So then I wonder if it’s worth it at all, or if I should be transferring anyway just in case our LJ masters decide to do something even more deeply bizarre to the site next month.

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