Monthly Archives: February 2010

Fooling around with a technique that uses layers of acrylic medium to duplicate the look of encaustics, which is something I’d kinda like to try, but would involve so much expense and set-up that I think I’d rather take a class in it first and make sure I actually want to DO it. (They’re offering one in Raleigh, […]

Early morning…hot tea, shower, sit down to computer, poke internet. Spam, spam, spam, contact form, contact form, spam, Amazon spam for Attack of the Ninja Frogs, spam… Wait, what? *scroll scroll scroll* …they spent me spam. For my own book. I…really? I’ve never bought any of my own books from Amazon, but there it is, […]

I couldn’t resist a wall jewelry piece of at least one member of Sister Rosemary’s Curious Convent: The World’s Smallest Nun The name Sister Mary Chagnon is after Napoleon Chagnon the anthropologist, because…um….free association to "Napoleon was short." (Deep mysteries of the artistic mind revealed!) Sister Mary’s exposure to the Yanomamo, however, was limited to a […]

Miss Tansybaum’s Circus of the Moderately Peculiar

By all accounts, Miss Tansybaum’s Circus of the Moderately Peculiar should not have continued to operate. They were a very small operation as circuses went, they had no rides and their menagerie consisted of a single geriatric lion and a handful of obscure species, such as the Sudanese Crooning Lizards, who were obscure for a […]

My apologies to the handful of people who were following me on Google Buzz–I didn’t block you because you suck (in fact, I know all of you, and you’re awesome!) but apparently a manual unfollow-and-block is a step in the only way to actually turn Buzz off–that nice button at the bottom that says "Turn […]

Probably three inches worth of snow last night, but it’s not gonna stick–the roads are already melting, and big hunks are slithering off the trees. Time to shower, get up, and FINALLY go do a bookstore crawl, looking for copies of Dragonbreath 2 and signing their unwary cover pages. And then perhaps sushi for lunch. Yes. […]