Monthly Archives: January 2010

Con prep. Con prep con prep con prep. Con-prep. Also? Con-prep. I miss the days when con-prep consisted of loading the print-box, matting the last coupla pieces, packing a suitcase and handing my upstairs neighbor the keys. Now I have to hire a petsitter, clean the house, ship the con-kit to a very kind man who is taking […]


So I have been known to read Regency romances, starting with my buddy Deb’s–aka Sabrina Jeffries–and leading on to various others like Liz Carlyle, Amanda Quick, and Georgette Heyer. The slang vernacular in Georgette Heyer’s work is epic and breathtaking and eventually you get used to it and work out the context and can navigate large […]

In other news, I took my outrage and painted the back wall in the kitchen blaze orange with it.* (It’s…um…an accent wall. Yeah. That’s what you call it to not make people go "SWEET JESUS BLAZE ORANGE A WHOLE WALL ARE YOU COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR MIND, WOMAN?" right?) It has truly lousy coverage, being in the red family, so I had to go buy another can. […]

Stuff I Should Not Do In The Morning: Read articles about how men’s rights groups are getting pissed because women’s rights groups are going to Haiti to offer aid to vulnerable women. Ah, lovely. I’m seeing red and it’s not even noon yet. Leaving aside that apparently the notion of "aiding women" has been conflated […]

Longtime readers–by which I mean anybody here since Monday–may remember that I cleaned the closet in order to move out the clothes in order to put the rack in the other closet in order to make space for a reading chair because GODDAMNIT I DESERVE A READING CHAIR. Today, I went out looking for a reading chair.