Futility Quest — Back From Hiatus!

A buddy of mine is submitting to the Spectrum Annual this year, and her mentioning it reminded me of the whole thing. (I got a little distracted with the whole being-divorced-thing….) I don’t think I’ve submitted since…lord…my last memory is of ’06, I think. Then there was all that getting-divorced stuff, and I can’t remember if I submitted in ’07, but certainly not since then. (Nothing like a total life upheaval to distract you…)

So I’m gonna submit this year. Steampunk Butterfly, Rabbird Doves, maybe the Teacocks for shits ‘n giggles. I find I care rather less these days–haven’t even bought Spectrum in a couple years!–and since my career arc seems to be as author rather than illustrator, getting in probably wouldn’t help me in any significant professional capacity anymore. But I still kinda want to, just for…I don’t know, validation or something. It’s good to accomplish goals, even if they’re old goals that don’t have quite as much importance to you anymore…

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