Day in the Life

I am looking at my assembled pile ‘o art for Midwest Furfest, and going "Welp….time to knuckle down and paint some penises."

It’s a hard life.

I’ve got a bunch of small art, a range of mediums, and one big/expensive piece for the general show, but at the moment, I have one small phalloi, and perhaps one of the phalloi ACEOs for my single adult panel. I need at least two more phalloi, since I hate to waste the space. (I could probably stand to do another couple medium-sized piece for general, too, since a lot of the small is matted very tightly…) 

Actually, I need to sit down and mat everything, too, since you never know how much space it’s going to take until it’s all matted.

And I need to run errands today, mail prints, mail the car payment, drop off a friend’s keys, drop off my latest royalty check (for a whopping nine dollars! Ah, the glamorous life of the artist…) and, in my Copious Spare Time, finish Batbreath, which is nearly done except for the climatic scene where they accidentally wake the giant bat’s mate, during which I suspect that I will recklessly commit to a drawing a double page spread of Zapotec ruins, more the fool I.

And paint penises.

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