Today I go through back e-mail, send notes to people who said they were buying art and then never sent money, follow up on stuff I ordered that never arrived, and all the other little unpleasant chores that I was letting slide. But for you, O faithful readers, we have the art and ordering-info dump!

First of all, there are 2010 calendars available, if you haven’t gotten yours yet–Tadpoles We Have Known.

This may be the last year to get a calendar–Ellen Million is significantly downsizing her shop, and the future of calendars is in limbo. Grab ’em now! On the bright side, most of her stock of merchandise is on clearance, as she tries to clear out the backstock. Now is a good time–indeed, the last time!–to stock up. Also, there’s a new EMG-Zine up, with a Wombat Droppings column by yours truly, about why you shouldn’t be trying to find an illustrator for your children’s book.

Also! The sample Biting Pear model has been produced and photographed! You can still pre-order him for $19.99, and now you can see the awesome photos of what he looks like!

Thirdly, if you haven’t seen it already–Dragonbreath 2: Attack of the Ninja Frogs, is available for pre-order!

Finally–*pant pant*–we’ve got new art!

Blue Skunk
Blue Rabbit

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