It’s a mad mad mad mad world! With pears!

Whew, way too long since I updated! We have new art, which you can find by wandering through the gallery and clicking anything with “updated!” next to it. We have cool news–I’ll be the art guest of honor at FurtherConfusion 2010, and will be a returning GoH at Midwest Furfest in November. Dragonbreath is in its fourth printing, which isn’t too shabby for a book that came out in June, and Dragonbreath 2: Attack of the Ninja Frogs, which will come out in February, has been selected as a Junior Library Guild Selection!

And I just finished art for Dragonbreath 3. And next month I have to write Dragonbreath 4. I think I get to sleep at some point after that, but maybe not.

*pant, pant, pant*

Two exciting new things, though–we have Biting Pear figurines available for pre-order! I’ve got photos of the preliminary models, and this is gonna be pure awesome!

Next up, this is the last week to pre-order the hardcopy version of Irrational Fears! I’ve got my pre-press copies, and man, they did a very nice job.

So that’s it for now…I think…