Monthly Archives: August 2009

New Camera

OMG OMG OMG  It’s so…so…SHINY! It was too dark to be taking photos, so these are pretty dark, but dude! Dude!   Look at the detail on these green jellybean tomatoes! I mean, clicky through and LOOK. Dude! And that’s not even the full size of the file! I can see the little hairs, man! THE HAIRS! Okay. I’m okay. I […]

Feeling almost hungover today…long day yesterday, and even though I’m not at all sleep deprived, my brain doesn’t believe me. There are tiger swallowtails and hummingbirds all over the garden, but the clouds are closing in and it looks like rain. Probably the increasingly grey light isn’t helping my energy. Also, I’m finally getting my […]

I am tired. It was a very long day. It started very early, because Kevin lost his license yesterday, although not in the way that normal people lose their licenses. Instead, he was a passenger in a car that was in a minor accident,* and when the nice police officer came and ran everybody’s IDs, she […]

I tell ya, Ben never does anything small. I take him into the vet, who says "Hmm, sounds like ear mites…let’s check…" and does an ear swab. Armed with a goopy swab, she leaves the room, while the vet tech and I converse about how awesome God of War 2 was. After a few minutes, during which […]

Blarrgh. Persistent hangover today, whether from the allergy attack or the Benadryl, I don’t know. It’s not that I’m in any pain, it’s just that there’s a fractional mental echo on everything, as if I’m shouting my thoughts down a short hallway. (I’ve been in states where it was a very loooong hallway, and occasionally […]

Yesterday was a good day. Went to Chapel Hill for breakfast with Carlota, wandered around with Kevin, bought the world’s most hippie belt, then went over to his folks’ place for dinner, hot tub, and general debauchery. Unfortunately, the incessant rain and uber-high humidity of the last week has brought out something that’s affecting my […]