Monthly Archives: August 2009

Well, that was horrifying. I checked the boards about what could be bothering my torch coral, and thought "Hmm. Maybe somehow an evil nudibranch got in. I will squirt a little water on it with the turkey baster and see if I see any alien intruders!" Half the tentacles fell out of the polyp. I did the only […]

Heh. Finally succumbed to momentum and finished drawing the Shadowchild story arc–it’s only two more pages, but it felt good to knock it out rather than wait another couple days to finish it. Other than that, it’s Monday. It isn’t quite the crushing weight of normal Monday, but it’s definitely a weekday feeling. Blargh. I have […]

From the Journal of Lady Absentia Wrathbone:

August 11, Have finally succeeded in sketching one of the clockwork insects present at this location. It appears at a distance to be a common skipper butterfly, but upon closer examination, it became apparent that there had been extensive technological modifications to the creature. Contrary to my initial expectations, the creature clearly possesses organic traits, […]

I had a very strange and complex nightmare last night. It was an odd family thing, although nobody who was my family were actually members of my family (or exist at all, as far as I know.) When I finally woke up from being pregnant and destitute in a weird little post-apocalyptic community, I staggered into the bathroom, talked briefly […]

Okay, enough complaining. Let’s talk about something else–books! I don’t make that many book recommendations, but I’ve read two good ones recently (and a lot of mediocre ones, of which we shall not speak.) The Court of the Air, by Stephen Hunt, was really entertaining. The writing was decent, the worldbuilding was awesome, the steammen–sort […]

I think the garden may just be off-limits until fall. Thirty-one seed tick bites over the weekend. (Maybe they were chiggers. I don’t know.) Today I went out to fill the birdbath, since it’s supposed to get to be a hundred degrees, and in the time it took to do that, I got four of the little […]

Today I reached the halfway point on the art for Dragonbreath 3! 76 down…76 to go. Also I took more photos of garden bugs. This led to a phone call to Kevin that went something like this: URSULA: I have a hypothetical question.KEVIN: Yeeeeeess?URSULA: Absolutely hypothetically, if somebody were to be out in the garden taking photos […]