Yesterday was a good day. Went to Chapel Hill for breakfast with Carlota, wandered around with Kevin, bought the world’s most hippie belt, then went over to his folks’ place for dinner, hot tub, and general debauchery. Unfortunately, the incessant rain and uber-high humidity of the last week has brought out something that’s affecting my sinuses, so I wound up with a full blown allergy attack by the time we got home (the kind where you’re sneezing violently and discovering later that despite your best efforts at containment, your shirt looks like a Jackson Pollock composition.)

So, once home, I drugged myself insensate with Benadryl, applied Afrin, and settled down with the second half of a documentary on Siberian wildlife, by the end of which I was sliding rapidly into unconsciousness.

I’m a little snorfly this morning, but not bad…we’ll see if I can get through the day or if I’m going to be a friend of Benadryl for the next few days…

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