Monthly Archives: June 2009

I just took a shower in my very own tiled bathroom. It’s our first job, and yeah, we committed a couple of atrocities of grout* here and there, but damnit, it’s awesome. Last night, I used the toilet in there. Repeatedly, might I add! This doesn’t sound that exciting unless you’ve ever had a bathroom out of commission, […]

I promised a sun conure with heart, and here it is! Sun Conure with Heart* ETA: It’s being suggested that the heart may be shoved into his beak to shut him up. Apparently these are very noisy birds, in addition to be gorgeous. *grin* Quite a lot going on today–it looks like Digger 4 may be out at […]

Night before last, I dreamed obsessively about tile. That was pretty bad. Last night, I had a bizarre and complex nightmare about a zombie apocalypse–I’ve been playing a lot of "Plants vs. Zombies," I grant you, but these were not cheerful googly-eyed zombies, these were quasi-intelligent fast zombies, more on the order of the possessed or the body-snatched. […]

We came, we saw, we grouted. Then we stood around going "Eeee! I can’t believe we did that! It looks so much better!" and hugging and squeeing. We’ll have to scrub the tile down in a week and caulk everything, the walls need repainting, and I want to repaint the cupboards black and change out the handles, but […]

More stuff for Anthrocon. I’ve been fooling with these little small-format portraits, of various species holding hearts. Which sounds incredibly cheeseball, I realize, and it totally is, but it provides a unifying theme beyond "All those species I always mean to paint and never quite figure out a format for." There’s also a sun conure and a […]

Drop-dead gorgeous palm warbler on the bird feeder. I’ve  never caught one in breeding plumage before, and damn! Doesn’t even look like the same bird as the non-breeding variety–those are a drab yellow tricky bird, you have to catch it doing the tail-pump thing–but the breeding colors are really sharp!