Monthly Archives: June 2009

I am marginally more cheerful this afternoon, my natural ebullience having overcome my gloom. If I have a raspberry chair then so be it…I’ll paint the other three in their respective colors, and then if it’s still eating at me, I’ll repaint it. Meanwhile, I have been amusing myself before the con with teeny tiny paintings. These […]

Hmmm. The color swatch of this paint looked a lot more fire-engine red in the store. I hope it dries darker, or the lighting has a serious effect, or something…or else I will have just painted a defenseless chair a really intense raspberry pink. Nothing that another can of paint can’t fix, but the difference between perception […]

Reading through my flist today was like the hit parade of links to articles about people doing stupid things…small children flushing puppies down the toilet,* elderly Christian activists suing a library for the right to burn a book about homosexuality because exposure to it caused them lasting emotional harm, etc, etc ad nauseum. What a […]

Yesterday was cool, but exhausting. Went on a bookstore crawl in the Triangle, looking to see who had Dragonbreath in stock, and signing the copies when they did. We hit seven stores, and all of them had copies! It was awesome, if tiring. Then I came home and amused myself playing Spore, which I hadn’t touched in […]

Today is Dragonbreath launch day! There’s a launch party at Chapel Hill Comics on June 27th, from 1-3. Come out! Please! (You can bring kids, if you have any lying around, as this is a kid’s book and thus presumably a kid friendly event, although I don’t know if any will be there other than Kevin’s, […]

Oof. Nasty nightmare that somebody had been screwing with my fish tank and left live rock scattered all over the studio. (On the other hand, it was a very large and surprisingly clean studio, not the over-cluttered maze in which I currently dwell.*) I freaked out completely, as one might expect, and was running around trying […]