There is a lizard with no tail loose in the house.

I am unsure how this is going to play out. I screamed like a little girl when I saw it, despite a fondness for lizards, because without the tail and at the speed it moved, my brain immediately jumped to GIANT CENTIPEDE OF DEATH. Once I picked myself up from across the room, I investigated (the only thing worse than GIANT CENTIPEDE OF DEATH is GIANT HIDDEN CENTIPEDE OF DEATH, which could be anywhere, plotting anything, climbing into my purse, hiding among in my tampons, calling invertebrate phone sex lines on my cel phone, anything.) and saw that it was in fact SMALL LIZARD OF TAILLESSNESS, which is another matter entirely.

Living with a multiplicity of cats, it becomes a race between the human errand of mercy and the feline errand of "oh look, wiggly thing that jumps when I poke it!" This race will probably end with the lizard being deposited proudly, and not yet dead, on my pillow, whereupon I will roll over, blink groggily, attempt to focus my eyes, see GIANT CENTIPEDE OF DEATH again and have to be talked down from the light-fixture.

Meanwhile, a new EMG-Zine is up, with a new Wombat Droppings that including a step-by-step walkthrough on my technique for those mixed digital-traditional pieces I’ve been playing with recently, since people kept asking and I got tired of writing e-mails.

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