Monthly Archives: May 2009

A good gardening day!  Went out to Niche Gardens and picked up a dozen plants, all natives. A couple are old friends–two varieties of Texas sage, a giant blue aster–most I’ve never planted before, some I’ve never heard of–Cabbage-Leaf Coneflower, for example, gets six feet tall! Some are just awesome names–who can resist Purple-Headed Sneezeweed, […]

Yesterday was very productive. I did a Digger, wrote a page or so on Wurstbreath, fooled with the website, and did a painting. Then Kevin and I went to sushi with friends, and to a friend’s drinks night, where I drank enough absinthe to become an honorary French Impressionist, and became embroiled in a discussion […]

I got html stuff to work! I am so proud! (Okay, I realize for most people this is a minor thing, but for me, getting buttons to actually work and manually taking out the borders and all is like Black Magic, and I feel like I have triumphed over Nyarlathotep or something.) The new website, including all […]

I spent most of today doing this, in one of those crazed fits that hits occasionally… I keep wanting to do something Day of the Dead-esque–I love the visuals–and it keeps sort of skittering off to one side and I wind up somewhere only tangentially related. Muerte Mouse ETA: Somebody pointed out how appropriate this was for Cinco de […]

Got up an hour early today to go make sausage…i.e. vote. Chatham County is having a referendum on "Liquor by the drink." Bars in the county aren’t allowed to serve anything stronger than beer, so the vote is to allow them to serve mixed drinks or not. It’s not expected to pass–the weird "dry county" mentality still […]

A truly wonderful day today. Brunch, farmer’s market, gardening, and strawberry shortcake. Life does not get better than this. On the downside, I got poison ivy a few days ago. It’s a remarkably contained patch, just up the wrist from where my gardening gloves stop, so it was obviously a glancing blow, and I must have […]

So I was killing pest anemones with this gunk called "Joe’s Juice" which is basically a solution of hot pepper and nastiness, and it dried to a crust on the outside of the syringe, and I flicked the dust off the syringe, and some of it got on the back of my wrist, and some minutes later, […]