Monthly Archives: May 2009

So last night, as I was lying in bed re-reading "Deerskin" (one of my comfort books, weird as that may be) and the phone rang. It was my agent. Apparently we’re now in negotiations for Dragonbreath 4 & 5. The first book is STILL not out yet. Buying the third book without numbers on the first was good, […]

From my editor! This is going to be a STARRED (that’s apparently Very Good, as good as it gets for reviews) in Kirkus (this is VERY good, as Kirkus is notoriously cruel): Dragonbreath. Ursula Vernon. (Dial 978-0-8037-3363-3)  Young everydragon Danny Dragonbreath hasn’t quite caught the knack of breathing fire yet, but he sure knows how to […]

I have finished writing Wurstbreath. Well, the first draft, anyhow. I feel…you know, I’m proud of this one. It kinda sucks that it’ll be a year and a half before it gets published, because this one, I really feel like I did some good stuff. That I feel any confidence whatsoever probably means that my editor will have […]

ETA: Oh good lord, okay, stop–the bandwidth of everybody visiting was far in excess of what was anticipated, and our host came back and said "For the love of god, stop!" So, uh, temporarily delayed while we get THAT ironed out. (Man, hosting issues are so last decade…) ———————————————– Ladies and gentlemen and sundry multi-celled organisms! […]

Also, I’m in excruciating pain. I took a header on the walkway this afternoon–skidded on wet grass clippings–and landed hard on my left knee on concrete. It hurt in that cataclysmic way that knee pain hurts, I rolled over on the lawn, sent a peat pot of sweet basil flying, soaked my ass in wet grass, […]