Monthly Archives: May 2009

Saw a truly enormous beetle in the garden earlier, sitting casually on the bee-balm. Turns out it’s an eyed click-beetle!  (Seriously, the scale in this is totally as big as you think it is–they’re thumb sized critters.) Their larvae are called "wireworms" and fortunately, in this species they live in dead wood and eat destructive […]

Finally finished the thing that disturbed Kevin! He allows as how it’s less outright creepy with the textured white background on, somehow–I think he might be right, although don’t ask me why–but it still kinda weirds him out. I am proud. Unsaint ETA: The nearly even split in the comments between "This is creepy and disturbing" […]

Working on a new painting…I have great hopes, but I’m not sure if it’s going to actually work in practice. The underpainting is done, but we’ll see if my ultimate vision is achievable. I’m hoping to have pushed my basic tendency toward cute things to a point where it just gets freaky. Meanwhile Kevin saw […]

There are flower buds on my butterfly bush! And the swamp milkweed is just starting to flower–one bud has popped (it’s a compound flower head.) The male cardinal and the technicolor goldfinches are providing a riot of color ID’d one of the weeds in the Bed of Evil as Daisy Fleabane. Not too worried about it. […]

Red-eyed vireo in the backyard! Not that uncommon, but very nearly impossible to spot in this case–I got lucky with a glimpse through the branches of one of the live-oaks in the backyard. My brain sent two conflicting signals back–"hummingbird" and "warbler." The warbler for general size and shape, the hummingbird because it had a big […]

A good day today. Went to lunch with friends, right next to the local fish place, so I ducked in and discovered that they had a green mushroom coral, one polyp (they’re big polyps) for $5. I was unable to resist, since my one blue mushroom is more purple and refuses to DO anything. All those horror […]