Bare bones productivity today. I blame the laundromat. The dryer is malfunctioning, so I took a load to the local laundry.

Man, I always forget how long that takes. Plus somebody always wants to tell me their life story. I am not an unfriendly person–I hope–but when I’m grumpy from slinging underwear, I’m not really at my best, and if the fact that I am communicating in single words–"Ah." "Cool." "Really." "Huh."–while reading a book is not making a dent on the conversation…

I am trying to be compassionate. Ganesh would want me to be compassionate. I’m sure they were just bored and/or lonely, and possibly random strangers at the laundry are the most social contact they’re getting.

Still. I’m tired. It’s energy-sucking-grey out. I have done my obligatory Ninjabreath for the day, and that was the extent of my motivation.

On the bright side, Goby Bob is perky and bopping around the tank, the torch coral has opened up a little farther (the tentacles are now about an inch long, and it’s a really impressive presence in the tank.) I’m gonna try and get photos this weekend, so you can all see what I’ve been blathering about, even if they’re just crappy shots from Kevin’s iPhone…

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