I mean, I suppose I realized that anemones are mobile, but I didn’t really BELIEVE it. But today one of the Pest Bobs was suddenly about two inches from where it was yesterday. The bloody thing pulled up roots and WALKED to a better spot!

It is difficult to explain why this was shocking. I think it’s because despite knowing that these are, in fact, weird little animals, they look for all the world like weird little plants, and that’s how my hindbrain was thinking of them. If I came out of the house tomorrow and my witch hazel had pulled up shop and stomped two feet over and settled down again, it would be a similar visceral shock. Things that look like that are not supposed to DO that.

Man, it was pretty speedy, too. Two inches overnight. It would only take it a few months to get down the hallway and slit my throat in the night. Clearly I must not put off smiting them any longer.

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